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We know what its like – you open an app and are presented with a plethora of information, options and features. No matter how intuitive the interface, there’s so much you can miss. So we’ve made a series of videos to help you on your way. From an overall ‘Helicopter’ view of the app to some of the more important features, in seconds you’ll be making outstanding practices with huge detail and great design! So in our first series of tutorial videos you’ll see videos covering:

  • i-Drills Apps Basics
  • Play Icon Manipulation
  • Using CoachMates
  • Mastering TransferMarket
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i-Drills Apps – The Basics (FA Coach’s App)

After only a few seconds using i-Drills Apps you can create great drills and practices. Here’s the FA Coach’s App in action utilisiing all of the main features of the app to create, store, plans and share.
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The Player Icon – Add Individuality

When you place player icons on the canvas, you can add rich details; position, numbers and even colour can be changed alongside the orinetation and size of the icon too.
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CoachMates – Connecting Coaches

CoachMates is the outstanding solution for oaches that wish to share editable full practices with colleages and friends, fast. Simply select the practice, click share, select the CoachMate and the practice is delivered.
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TransferMarket – Inspire & Be Inspired

TransferMarket is a World’s First in Digital Coaching. Now sharing content is fast and simple all within the app environment. Upload & download content to keep your coaching fresh. All content is fully editable too.
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i-Drills Rugby – You’ll Be Converted

I-Drills Rugby contains everything you need for drill & session design on your iPad. Quick, detailed and encompassing every code in the rugby family. Union, League, Touch, Tag, Mini, Midi and 7’s.
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If you still have questions, not to worry! Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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