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Over the last couple of years the utilisation of technology to aid coaches in the planning and delivery of their content  has resulted in the creation of solutions to help them perform this task. rugby coaches have had to wait until now to be provided with a product that gives them the power to create and consume content in a medium which is completely designed around their needs.

More than just a whiteboard or tactics board, i-Drills Rugby gives coaches distinct and specific rugby orientated resources no matter what level of coaching they are working at. Union, League, Sevens, Tag/Touch, Midi or mini rugby codes are all catered for. The range of training and planning canvasses available for the coach is leagues above those offered by other app providers.

i-Drills Rugby includes all of the features of the acclaimed i-Drills Soccer App, used in over 50 countries by thousands of coaches. This successful app model, with its intuitive user interface and logical progressions, is sure to be a sure-hit with rugby coaches across the globe. Lets look at whats included within i-Drills Rugbys’ Toolset!


The i-Drills Rugby DrillBuilder is a remarkable toolset for creating your content. Designed to work in the logical way that coaches work, planning their specific or holistic content, it’s designed for speed. Begin by choosing the canvas of your choice – and there are 18 to start with including

  • Full Pitch Rugby Union
  • Full Pitch Rugby League
  • Half Pitch Rugby Union Portrait and Landscape
  • Portrait and Landscape 22m
  • Midi & Mini Rugby Pitches
  • Tag/Touch Rugby Pitches
  • Grids
  • Square, Rectangle and Circle Canvasses

The super-fast Player deployment system allows you to place players onto the canvas FASTER than you can with pen and paper, even when using Xs or Os! But more than that, you can place players in different colours and give them positional and identifier information too!

There are also a full range of training equipment including a ball, tackle bag, tackle/hit pad, (small) scrum machine, mannequins, hurdles, poles, ladders, conches and discs in multicolours!

There are a number of drawing tools available; solid and dashed arrow lines, double-ended arrow lines and freehand tools. There is also a smart-eraser that will only delete lines and not players or equipment!

To complete your creation, you may add additional slides. Using our fast progressions system, a simple turn-on of the ‘Remember Player positions’ toggle adds all of the players and equipment to the additional slide to make cloning of the slide fast and accurate. Just move the players to a new position and draw the specific lines that you require to annotate the slide! Voila!

Finally, add in the specific coaching detail using the complete solutions we have created, Title and categorise your drill or practice, set the recommended player numbers and duration. That’s just the basics. Add further details to the Drill Info tab to expand the amount of detail you can include! And use the 4 Corners method to cater for the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of each specific drill or practice!


We have created the ultimate drill retrieval system to allow you to quickly locate and utilise your content. No longer is there a need to plough through books and folders as all of your content can be stored in the one device. Regularly backup your iPad to ensure that you never lose your content!

To find your content quickly you can quickly filter content using the categorisation system that is embedded into the app. Quickly find those back-row moves you need, select scrum variations, or back-line combinations. Should you wish to utilise a previously created piece of content, simply select it, choose edit and within seconds you could have created a simple variation which can then be saved to the library in addition to the root file!

From the library you can also present your content as a slideshow onto a projector, share via email, or print to an AirPrint enable printer! Should you no longer want a specific piece of content you can delete it and free up space for additional resources.


The Session Builder is a joy to use and takes the unnecessary hard work out of session planning. Using a simple swipe of your finger you can begin to build your session from warm-up, to handling or passing exercises, specific unit work and team play! Within seconds you’ll have a session created and the smart-timer will automatically have totted up the duration of your session so that you can make sure you fill the available time with relevant content!


The final part of the app is your way of getting additional resources to add to those that you create yourself! Working in a similar way to the Drill Library, the i-Drills Store allows you to download from specific categories from either the free or premium content available! Just select what you want to download and within a few seconds you’ll be able to interact with it on your iPad! Add this content to your sessions or as inspiration to create something yourself!

Check out the tutorial videos on the website to see how to use the feature of i-Drills Rugby. Soon you’ll be spending hours getting prepared for your next conquest on the training pitches!

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