Like every good coach,  we welcome questions!  But before you start pulling your hair out,  here are some of our most common ones to save you some time.

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You can download our range of apps from the Apple AppStore; normally we are ranked near the top of the charts but to make it easier, simply click on the links below to go straight to the app you need!

i-Drills Rugby

FA Coach’s App

Unfortunately not – we are looking to add this capability in the near future! With the range of device types and manufacturers using the Android market there is certainly a huge body of people who would benefit from our apps. However, with a huge divergence in hardware, creating a one=size-fots-all solution is challenging!
We certainly plan to bring our successful Coaching App solution to many other sports. We have a roadmap for our development over the next 2-3 years which we will work our way along. But the ‘major’ sports are in our crosshairs!
At i-Drills Apps, we are always open to discuss the needs of users. Bespoke solutions are available for app development, including the option to white label as an Enterprise level app. We have already done this with a number of clients and prospective clients. Please email our CEO Dave Carolan at dave@i-drills.com
Based on the mechanism of delivery (using Apple’s AppStore) it is not possible for us to give demo versions of our apps. Refunds must also be claimed from Apple should you be unhappy with your purchase, although this is rarely successful.
The FA Coach’s App normally sells in the AppStore for £6.99 / €8.99 / $9.99 / AU$ 10.49 / NZ$ 13.99

From time-to-time there may be  promotions or price drops to coincide with special events or circumstances.

To gain maximal benefit from the FA Coach’s App features, we recommend users subscribe to the TransferMarket using one of the three available subscriptions within their CoachMates a/c. 1Month, 6 Months or Annual plan.
CoachMates™  and TransferMarket™ are social sharing features of i-Drills Apps and are available within the FA Coach’s App. CoachMates™ allows direct, private sharing with other coaches you have linked up with; TransferMarket allows each user to download from the public sharing area within the app.
Members of the FA’s Licensed Coaches Club can use their FA Number (FAN) to access a dedicated content stream to get further benefits from the app. Within the LCC stream are 180 Future Game Practices, designed and delivered by the FA’s St. George’s Park Staff.
You must be a member of the FA Licensed Coaches Club to use your FAN number; if you are not, please leave this field blank. If your number is not recognised, and you are currently registered with the LCC, please contact support@i-Drills.com