Oregon Ducks – Best Training Facility on the Planet?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]Despite their relative youth as a NCAA Div vision 1 Team looking to amass National Championships, the ‘Mighty’ Oregon Ducks have perhaps created the greatest training facility in the world of sport. With little expense spared, the Ducks have left no stone unturned as they seek to develop the players and teams to win Championships.[/vc_column][/vc_row] <BACK TO BLOG>

WOW! Brilliant from Gatorade

An amazing makeover to this team’s locker room in just one half of Basketball. And brilliant how NBA star Dwyane Wade came along to support the venture. How good would this be if it happened to a club like yours? <BACK TO BLOG>

Not Used; but not Forgotten – Post-Match Conditioning

CATERING FOR THE SQUAD The benefits to a coach of having a larger squad than the number required to play the match are obvious to all: increased competition, cover positionally, flexibility in formation or playing style and cover for injuries etc. But the flip-side to this situation is the fact that those players who do not receive enough match time …

RESOURCES: Eat To Compete – Hydration

You can’t fail to notice the emphasis on hydration when we watch top class sport on television. Whether its on the close ups of the players during break of play, the sponsorship boards surrounding the pitches, the branded drinks bottles or the advert breaks its a war of companies trying to get you the choose their drink to keep you …